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In the times it feels like you can’t just be free

Just close your eyes, and remember to breathe

For the times in life that are the hardest to take

Are the times when you must grow, not break

Growing is hard and growing up is harder

But live while you can before there are ones who call you father

Life is short and blessings are far and few between

But its better for everyone involved when you don’t act mean

Love one another and you’ll see a change

Because you can make someone happy with just a simple exchange

All it takes is one little smile

For someone that hasn’t had one in awhile

So hold the door

Or help someone you adore

Make someone’s day

And don’t do it for the pay

Do it because you care

Not because you expect a fare

Make someone happy

And you will see how great they can be

We all do our best work at our highs

But the lows are where the fighter inside lies

Pressure makes diamonds

But also bursts pipes

And when you try very hard

To be at your best when you are down

It is painful to see that no one makes a sound

Yet at your peak

They all will freak

But that’s okay

Because in the end

The ones that will stay

Are the ones we call friend.

Remember who loves you

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